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Original handmade stylish bags with LadyLeila

Good Monday! An another week is started and i think that the best way to start is say to ourself “Keep calm and smile to Monday!”. 

And today i smile because i want to share with you one of my passions: bags. My father always says to me that I have more bags than sense, or more bags than days in a year, and maybe that’s true, but when you love something or someone why you should deny it!?!?

Team Landon has discovered (and now you know what i’m talking about) a new brand,with a very original name: Lady Leila.

This brand is very young because it was born last August, by an idea of an eclectic woman, Gaia Reale (the name of the brand is a tribute to her faithful dog). She is an art’s lover, and as such she has the sense of aesthetics, colors, shapes, styles.

Her creations are born from the idea that the craftsmanship is a possibility, you must have the opportunity to appreciate an artifact, as it was conceived and created. Give respect to the art of creation.

Just like me, Miss Reale loves vintage clothes, and always just like me she doesn’t want to wear fur, but it doens’t mean that we don’t want a nice accessory for outfits. So, failing to find vintage bags without leather, she has decided to create her own bags that reflected her style and her ethics.

In Lady Leila‘s collection, you can find varoius models of bags, like clutch, clutch bags and shopping bags with seasonal trends, just like Tartan Bag (the bag has a different name but i like to call in this way), and many other models will arrive for fall/winter 2013 collection.

If you want to make your unique bag, you can customize it as you wish, and you can also ask that it be made ​​in a special way, since Miss Reale uses various materials and various techniques (needles, crochet, embroidery, sewing machine). All the collection is available on Lady Leila Page

Maybe my father is right, but i think that these bags can be a perfect gift for every woman. Don’t miss your chance to be stylish 😉

You can look all the pieces of the collection on Lady Leila page on Facebook

You can find The Auburn Girl by Cris Landon, all latest news and trend, on:

The Auburn Girl Page (recently opened)

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