Passion, creativity and sense of style: these three motivations can make unique things, create something new. 
Team Landon always looks to find, discover all of this. This time, Team Landon has discovered in the beautiful Sicily Kiokio.

This young, fresh and new brans has been created by Chiara Cannova.

With a great,big passions for literature (she loves, like me, Jane Austen and Shakespeare) and fashion world, Miss Cannova has started her creations by her idea of “interpreting, staging, studying, researching a mood, a style for a shooting, find the ‘interpretation to be given to a photo shoot, using images and photos that could transmit and speak, thanks to the expertise in the use of clothes, make up and hairstyling, one of my personal way of seeing”

Furthermore, this fearless girl loves handmade and not common products, because, in this way, she has the possibility to have freedom of expression. So she creates original and unique products, with materials like semi-precious stones, pearls, metals, silver and mix them together in tissues or fabrics.

The result is a handmade product, versatile, keeping up with fashion but distinguishable from it, able to give a touch of style to an outfit. You can find all Kiokio products on Kiokio pafe on FB. Go to the end of the post to see my personal interpretation of Kiokio product.

Paraphrasing what Kate Winslet said once, I do not like to be like the others. I like to be myself and stand out, and unique products are good for this reason 😉 Be yourself, not just like the others.

Thanks to Kiokio, i created my personal outfit with its bracelet: a cool and strong mood, with a particular jacket, asymmetric dress, ankle boots

Zara TRF Jacket, Terranova Dress, Kiokio Bracelet, Bata Ankle boots

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