Hello guys!!! Are you ok? Weekend is coming, just like the flu to me. How is possible that in April i have the flu as November?! So bad! But, also if i don’t feel good, i don’t stop in the search for new, inspiring and young brands. And just like everytime, London surprised me because in every corner of London you can find something wonderful. This time i discovered Manitic, a London-based brand, founded in 2011, that erupts onto the international fashion market with a super stylish Spring / Summer 2014 womenswear collection.

The brand aims to create clothing for women who love the attention to detail, affordable luxury, strong silhouettes. For S/S 2014, Manitic makes its debut in the international fashion, and it has created the Orchid Collection, composed by visible angular geometrical cuts and biological shapes thatare blended with smooth lines. Overlapping and playful, exposed pleats of varying scales enhance inspiring, enticing hand printed pieces. Overlap and playful, row after row, folds exhibited different scales improve inspiring, seductive hand-printed pieces: these lines are blended with a color palette of sleek black and optical white, enriched with the powdery tones of blues. Graceful silk blouses, floral prints, and the elegant perforated leather pieces are the “must-have” of collection. The collection is made with the finest fabrics, from countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Poland. A young brand that can say a lot in the fashion world, because it has a well-defined style and much appreciated by those who understand fashion. The fact that it is not trivial raises it one step further than other similar brands.

Pictures: Blow Press Office

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