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One wild,crazy, night with… The Auburn Girl Team

Happy Saturday girls!!! Today, ihave for you an another, little, surprise. A few weeks ago, I and other members of the team went out for an evening of fun. Generally, as you well know, i don’t talk about my private life or what we do when we are out of the team for fun. I will mention something, but do not tell you anything, nor will public my photos, except for the photo shoots. I’m a blogger, i talk about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, makeup, i don’t post my personal outfits, I believe that style is something personal, and i believe that it’s great. I’m not a blogger outfits, I’m not able to be posing as a model and let me take pictures, I like most about them, I make funny faces in front of the camera, I do not take myself seriously, my irony that will not let me. And for this reason, and thanks to the suggestion of a friend, I decided to publish some of my outfits, but in my style, with funny faces, location not studied, no “strike a pose” situation and no photoshopped photos. I am this, and I’m fine. I will not be perfect, but people, you know what? Nobody is.

So for this”wild” night of the team, I wanted to focus on comfort and glamor. Being that one evening not too hot, I was finally able to wear my leather jacket with short sleeves of Zadar. I wore shorts blue lace night, bought in London, for a touch of femininity, accentuated by lucia jersey, gold OVS. For a touch rebellious, I chose my beloved pumps, nude colored, with gold studs on the toe, and the bag H & M always bought in London. It’s a simple bag, black, but it is amazingly perfect in its simplicity. For accessories, I did not want to overdo it, having an outfit already “rich” of many elements, so I chose a pair of pendants JoysOfTuscany ( for other posts about this brand click here and here), kinkyrings simple Topshop. Below you will also find the outfits Ale, you and I have different opinini in terms of style, but each of us can agree that style is personal, and our exchange of ideas produce outfits like the ones you see here. So, laugh and be inspired, if you want 😉 There will be more posts like this? Stay tuned

Pictures: Canon Eos 1100 D

My outfit: OVS Golden Tshirt
H&M Blue Lace Shorts, Pumps and Bag
Zara Leather Jacket
Accessories: JoysofTuscany, Topshop kinkrings

Ale outfit:
Burberry Bag
Metradamo Pants,
Menbur shoes,
Acciaio Tshirt

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