Oh this has gotta be the good life

When you’re happy like a fool, Let it take you over,When everything is out,You gotta take it in… Oh this has gotta be the good life”.

Thanks to my friend S, i discovered this song, Good Life by OneRepublic. I really love this song cause i think it represents my mood when I’m traveling, specially when i walk along The Thames. I thought about this song a few days ago while I was on the terrace with friends to celebrate. Friends, good music, a nice cold beer and wanting to have fun. For the occasion, I chose a vintage-inspired outfit, comfortable, mixed shades of white, black and pink. A trio of colors simple but incisive. Just like One Republic sings, i can say “Oh this has gotta be the good life”, all thanks to my friends. What night!

Ps forgive my messy hair XDXD

Pictures: The Auburn Girl
Canon Esos 1100 D

Jennifer Taylor Top
Earrings-leather bracelet JoysOfTuscany
Vintage Shorts
Camomilla Milano Pearls Bracelet
Kiko Cosmetic Make Up

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