venerdì, Febbraio 26

Nude Glow

Would you, just like me, have the look of these two ladies on here? I’ve always envied Kate Moss style more than her beauty, and I envy the enthusiasm of Cara more than her talent on the catwalk.

Boht are featured in the new fragrance from Burberry. The past and the present of the supermodel in a single advertising campaign. Only the genius of Christopher Bailey could think of such a thing! Ever since I was little, I’ve admired Burberry. I remember my grandfather possdeva a wonderful trench coat, and he was so elegant when he wore it. More purses, jewelry, I like to have a Burberry trench coat: it is a perfect combination of elegance and style. An item of clothing that never goes out of fashion and that is always good. Ahhh, daydream! And it was the trench coat the inspiration of the new Burberry make-up collection. The bright texture create a look suitable for all complexions. Glowing skin, defined eyes tones trench, nude lips and nails in the ever-green color Nude Beige. A collection featuring soft tones and chic, with extremely elegant packaging, just as it’s the style of the British brand. Now, it remains to ask only one thing: what is Christopher Bailey preparing for the upcoming spring season? A few days of waiting and London will once again be at the center of the show. And if you wanna be a part of it, stay tuned, here. =)

Pictures: Burberry Official

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