giovedì, Luglio 29

New Year’s Eve: fashion, make-up and music

Hello Guys! Today, it’s the last day of the year and also this is the last post of 2013.
What can i say? This year has been crazy, happy, sad, full of love and friends, fun, style, new friends, lost love, new experiences, and if i forget something, please forgive me.

This year, many things have happened and I probably would not have been able to overcome them if I had not had my family and my friends next to me every time.

But fortunately I had another valuable ally, a constant and reliable traveling companion…

Yes, music. She, and i repeat, she, is always with me, she gives me emotions, love, fun, and all the possible emotions. 
And now, i share with you my personal wishlist, my “best of music”. Enjoy it today with people you love. Happy New Year by me, Cris Landon, and all Team Landon!

P.s. If you need some ideas for make-up and outfits, i’m here for you! 

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