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My best of of August-September

When i decided to write this post, i admit it, i was not sure, because it’s something very personal, about me; but i always share with you my passion for fashion world, so it’s right that i share with you also my other passions. So, this is my personal list of “best of” for August and September

Book of the month: Vanity Fair. I started to read masterpiece of Thackeray after i’ve seen the movie with Reese Witherspoon, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, James Purefoy and Rhys Ifans. This book shows ,with an irreverent and ironic vision, english society of the 800. There is not a hero or a leading actor, but many actors who lives in many different ways, but among all there is Becky Sharp, who tries to climb the social ladder.
Books in waiting: Shadowhunters saga, 44 Scotland Street

Movie of the month: i don’t know if i’ve ever told you, but i’m a mocie-addicted, and with my friend S, we go often to the cinema. Last movie we have seen is Shadowhunters. Luckily, it’s not an another version of Twilight, but a brilliant movie with good actors, such as Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. At the beginning, i was not more sure of the movie, but director, plot, actors and music conviced me. So, for this reason , i decided to read the saga. But not only long movie. Thanks to a londoner friend, i have had the possibility to watch a short movie, The Crossing, debut of a new director, Arthur Landon. This short movie is well done, it does not have many claims, but it tells us in an authentic way as a family, apparently not very united, is able to find the way to be compact, and how the fear of losing someone makes us understand how much we care to another. But this is only my opinion. My londoner friend P. told me, during the next London Film Festival, Mr.Landon will present his new work, Side by side: talent is present, i hope that movie will be nice and brilliant.Movie in waiting: Rush by Ron Howard, The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola

Music of the month: i think that every moment of my life has a soundtrack. My ipod is my best ally, always with me, and with my music. Once, i played guitar, and my passion for music is not diminished in the years. Not all people understand my vision or my passion for music, but it doesn’t matter. I have noticed that i used often word “passion”, because for me, music is this: a moment of happiness and passion, where everyone can find what wants. I listen all kinds of music,except country music: I am very eclectic in my musical choices.
I listenes: Avicii-Wake me up,30 second to Mars: Do or die,city of angels; Little green cars- The John Wayne; John Legend-All of me; BonJovi-Livin on a prayer; Vampire Weekend-Step; Icona Pop-I love it, the album; Red Hot Chili Peppers-Snow.
Music in waiting: all

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