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Modern jewelry from an ancient past – Anglera by Maiden Art

Hello guys!!! How’s your week? I hope it’s not too bad, mine started with great news: Fortunately, my beloved dog Danny is not in danger, only has a few problems due to age but nothing serious. For those who love animals, it can easily imagine how bad i was last weekend. So, now, i’m full of positive energy and ready to talk witth you about fashion. About good news, if you love shopping and you want something new in your closet, well, be ready: use WINTERSPRING10 code on and you’ll have -10% EXTRA, until 31 March. So, are you still there?!

After good news of the day (i hope u’re smiling for that), i don’t know if you remember that  some time ago, i shared with you latest Maiden-Art Collection. Well, this adorable brand has created a special collection, present here on TAG: Angleria S/S 2014

The Angleria collection takes its name by a ancient village, Anglera, located at the eastern part of Maggiore Lake, where it’s possible to find an ancient medieval castle, like those of almost fairy tale. Collection takes inspiration from a dreamy atmosphere, made by soft lights, contrasting with the sparkling jewels, adorned with precious stones, which are colorful and ever-changing forms. Every piece has the name of a street in the village, and it contains in itself some incredible history that can not wait to tell. The jewelry is extremely valuable, given the value and the high quality of the materials used, but simple shapes and alluring, they are striking for their simple elegance. And while being inspired by a so old story, the jewelry have a perfectly contemporary style and by no means trivial.

Maybe, who knows, wearing one of these fabulous jewelry, you could meet your “Prince Charming”: Would not this be great? 😉

Pictures: Maiden Art Press Office

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