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Mix of cultures for Maria Khan jewelry

Good Wednesday! Do you remember yesterday i told you about a new project for TAG’ Well, it seems that everything it’s alright but i can’t still tell you what is, but please keep your fingers crossed!

You know, Team Landon and i love discovering new brands, and i hope yyou’re not tired of hearing the words “when i was in London”… because it is all the fault of London! What can I do if when I was there I found many new brands?! Jewelry is always that extra touch of style to any outfit for women. Of course, it is difficult to find non-trivial, find the ones with personality and unique design is very challenging, but if you’re lucky enough to find Maria Khan, well …

The namesake brand has been created by this talented woman, who has made ​​her life full of different cultures, her strength. In fact, her jewels are inspired by her life: Maria Khan is Pakistan born, studied in London, marrying an Indian and living in Hong-Kong, so it’s easy to understand how cosmopolitan and versatile are her creations.

Jewels have a unique design, combined with stones and materials that capture and express a particular light, they capture the view. Each piece is an explosion of color, attention to detail, and story. Yeah, story: because wearing a jewel of this designer you get the feeling of wearing a story, an adventure, an experience, an emotion.
Shapes and different lines, color games, are essential components of every collection. Some jewelry reminiscent of the magnificence of the jewels of the past, for their particular process, but they are very modern and cosmopolitan.

In the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, in 1949, Marylin Monroe sang that Diamonds are a girl’ s best friends, but probably also the glamorous Marylin would have changed her mind in front of the beautiful creations of Mary Khan

Pictures: Blow Pr Press Office

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