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Mix of cultures and flavors with Le Metissage di Diala Kante

It seems that, in this period, i’m obsessed with accessories, especially with jewels, and maybe that’s true, but i’m just like every woman in the world.
Since i was a child, I have always been very selective with jewels, because i search the particular one, something able to represent me or something that can give me an emotion.

Fortunately, Team Landon has founded this kind of accessories, and you couldn’t imagine how i was happy. Today, in the day of All Saints, i want to share with you Le Metissage di Diala Kante.

The brand has founded by a creative boy, Diala, and he has an original idea at the base of his creations: mix of culture, colors, places, traditions.
In a constant search for originality, Mr Kante creates unique jewelry, capable of evoking places, flavors and ideas of faraway places, a mix of european style with a touch of style from his native country, Senegal.

Starting with materials like copper, silver, gold, bronze and brass, in his laboratory based in Milan, Mr Kante proposes jewelry by harmonic, seductive forms, with elegant envoice, products that reflect a no common style and that does not go unnoticed. 
Wonderful jewels that would be worn by any woman who knows what it means “have a personal style”.

But if you have any particular idea, something that runs in your mind and you like to have, as a true professional,he creates what you wish. What else?

At the end of the post, i have created what a simple, elegant, classy ring, with a touch of vintage,can do in simple outfit. You can find all on Le Metissage di Diala Kante

Don’t miss your chance to be fashionably and have good All Saints Day 🙂

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