Good Monday!! Finally, it seems flu is going away from me, Ale is back, so for me week is starting in a very positive way. I hope it’s the same for you. But if you’re not lucky just like me, well, i hope i can help you. Today, i just want to talk with you about a brand that in recent years I’m re-evaluating, because i find pretty clothes and good quality. Perfect combination! A brand that I can say without shame has repeatedly saved me and my wardrobe. This italian brand, cause it’s italian, has focused itself on a chic but not too, sweet but urban, glam-rock with romantic traits style. I’m talking about OVS Industry.

OVS is virtually everywhere in Italy, but quiet girls, you can buy everything also online (thanks eshop!). For Spring / Summer 2014, OVS gives many chance to us, because it has many different styles inside, so it offers numerous possibilities for that great gift that is the mix-and-match. In fact, Ovs proposes all seasonal trends miex between them, as flowers with lines. No, it’s not madness, simply style and a certain amount of courage to create something new. Inside collection, personally i found my favorite seasonal trends: red lips such as those who hold the clutch in the image below. White has been voted as “color of the season”, so there is space for little gracious skirt, tshirt, pants, crochet tshirt and handbags with fringe. If you think pois and flowers are enemies, well my dear, you’re wrong! They can be very stilish together, what is important is that you remember that there should be a common point between clothes and accessories, such as white can be the theme of the outfit because it’s perfect base for flowers and polka dots. So, let the game of mix-and-match begin!

Pictures: OVS Industry

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