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Mix and match for Fall/Winter by Mango

Keep calm and enjoy Monday morning! I do not know about you, but I have been among the millions of fans who have seen the final of the World Cup between Germany and Argentina. I was not rooting for either team, but I certainly was pleased to see a player of Chelsea Fc lift the cup, Andre Schurrle (In this regard, congratulations man!! Well done!). Two weeks ago, went to the scene the collection of Mango. As you well know, I love this brand, and a good part of my wardrobe, including accessories and clothes, is signed by this brand. You know that fabulous coat red military-style Mango I had with me in London last February? Well, with pleasure, was admired and I loved it from the first moment. My only regret was not having bought also white, sigh! But back to the show to talk about the collection Fall / Winter 2014/2015

On the catwalk, has not gone unnoticed by the presence of Toni Garrn, last winning model of Leonardo Di Caprio ( she wore  an elegant combination with flowing leopard skirt with a high slit, really love the skirt). The collection is a mix of styles and textures, because it was the mix to make cool and winning this collection. Within a color palette that ranges precise tones such as white, black, green, and a few dashes of red, the creations have a vague reminiscence of the military style, softened by dashed lines soft, large, and they delineate a silhouette precise, simple, and perfect. Do not miss over sized pieces, also those inspired by the military look and high waist pants, but the well-known Spanish brand has decided to stake everything on a piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion, one of those clothing items that should be present in every woman who knows the meaning of the word style, or the leather jacket . It is analyzed, re-invented and brought to the catwalk where it becomes the hub of the entire collection. Honestly, there’s nothing I would not wear this collection, which, just for the record, also provides 15 combinations for men’s fashion: all  have  a rock inspiration, captured with the pieces as shortened trousers and simple jeans in dark tones. The supply of jackets and coats enriched this collection. Now, I just have to do the countdown hoping to see this as soon as possible in the Mango corner at Coin of my city. And maybe, who knows (indeed, likely), something that is with me at the next London Fashion Week in September. Fingers crossed!

Pictures: 080 Barcelona Fashion

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