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Michael Kors Beauty Collection: a touch of pop

“Each item is designed to make your look pop”. With this phrase, Michael Kprs is ready to launch his new beauty collection.

Mr Kors started with the idea of the fragrance, because he wanted something that you can spray and feel like “you’ve stepped off a boat in Capri. What i do with fashion is help people change their attitude, their look. I think a lot of women fall into a rut and use the same thing every day”.

The collection is based on a high quality, so you can have a perfect make-up for every kind of occasion; in fact, the color palette is perfect because you can wear a simple clothing but you can give a touch of style and light with the make-up.

“Make-up should not be a mask” said the designer. Among all the pieces of the collection, Mr Kors said that the bronzing powders are his favourite products.
The american designer is famous for his love for the simplicity, but not for the minimalism; he said: “I say skip the bric-a-brac and display fabulous products.
Also when you take things out of your bag if you’re sitting in a restaurant or a night club and you go to reapply your lipstick, there’s something about it that’s cinematic. If it’s that cinematic moment why not go for it? Why be utilitarian, give it a little bit of cinema!”.

The packaging is simple, glamorous, with clean lines but very refined: a beauty collection that know what it means the word “Style”.

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