giovedì, Ottobre 22

Mango sales,new entries and Violeta

Good Thursday! Do you like surprises? Do you know the incredible feeling of anticipation, of constant agitation, it gets something that you expect, you lose the hope and then, suddenly, the surprise comes? 
Well, this is what happened to me, yesterday, at lunch time.

Two days before the Epiphany, I have decided to make myself a small gift, and looks a little the case, that day, sales of Mango started. I could not resist!!! And so, I have found some things that definitely will be with me in London. Oh, come on, Mango is perfect!

Not wanting to do overtime to the credit card, I have limited myself.

The result has been profitable: a nice black dress, strapless, soft on the sides (though I do not have wide hips, I like these kinds of clothes);

a cream-colored dress day, I can not wait to put with my knee-high boots; a large, cream cardigan (and a S), combined with jeans, sneakers and shoulder bags, or maybe to put on a easy dress dor the day; 
high-heeled shoes (Ale is proud of me, since I’m a fan of boots, sneakers and ballerinas), black, with small details with gold, to wear with cocktail dresses, pants and shiny blacks and elegant blouses for the evening , or jeans and rock t-shirts for the day.

What do you think of my shopping? Mango is always an inexhaustible source of style and glam pieces.

Do not miss the latest news at Mango: Violeta, a collection that ranges from size 40 to size 52, a collection that reflects and enhances the style of Mango, giving the opportunity for all of us women, of any size, to wear unique clothes, well made, and which give a touch of irreverence to our everyday style.

Are you ready for shopping?

Pictures of my clothes are taken with Canon Eos 1100 D

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