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Man, i feel like a woman – winning, stylish woman by Isabel Garcia

Good morning pretty girls!!! Ahhh, I am so excited that I have to leave, but the problem “suitcase” is still present, variable damn weather! I told you in the past, in a few posts, I have an important ceremony this weekend, and it is normal that I do not have any idea on what to wear? Maybe not, but it is absolutely normal that I am in love with this brand and that, I confess, I would wear one of these dresses for this event. Well, looking at this collection, you’ll understand why. I present you, with satisfaction, Isabel Garcia, a brand founded in 2009. Isabel Garcia is a brand of international style, dressing self-confident women and always ready to seize the opportunities of a world in constant evolution. 

For Spring/Summer 2014, under the safe guidance and expert Elliot James Frieze, formerly of Qasimi and Michiko Koshino, brand  has developed a collection of extremely elegant, feminine and very graceful lines, a mix of different cultures to give a cosmopolitan flair to the entire collection. The dresses, cocktail or not, are the main pieces of the collection, dresses with full skirts and various lengths, these dresses I almost reminiscent of the clothes of another era reinvented in a contemporary style. Now, I know it’s bad to compare one brand to another, but these clothes I vaguely reminiscent of those in the early stages of Pucci by Peter Dundas to the direction, not so much for style, but for the idea of ​​woman that they propose. If you want to have the look of a woman winning, self-confident and highly glamorous, well of course you can turn to this brand. Among the seasonal trends, stripes and flowers are the ones that are best explored and analyzed, along with pastel colors and bright colors. Organic fabrics and pastel colors are the key elements of the collection that combines a processing soft and draped silk jersey. Of course, if I find a bug, I can say that this collection seems “detached” from reality, in the sense that unfortunately you do not see so many “winners” who can wear clothes like this and inspire others. But maybe it’s time to start 😉

Pictures: Isabel Garcia Press Office

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