Makeup Tips – Seasonal trends for the next cold season

Sunday Morning brings the dawn in…” sings Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

And actually Sunday morning,all people have a slow start. And knowing how much you love my makeup posts, I said to myself “why not make a good start to the day to my readers?”. So if in the past weeks i talked with you about fall/winter collections and seasonal trends, i decided that it’s better talk also about makeup. Many of the ideas are provided from the catwalks of fashion shows, so let’s take a look.

Lips and nails go together, unless you want abbianre your shoes to the bag, it is certain that will match your lip color to that of the nails. The dark colors or bright red are among the trends that are all the rage, but if you want to give your personal contribution to this trend, I think you would do well. So, make room in your beauty case for POP COLORS, Dark Lips &Nails, Red Lips&Nails. Don’t forget EYELINER: An evergreen that changes mood from time to time: so, if it becomes essential in the make up, for brand as  Chanel is transformed into a rainbow of colors ranging from pink to orange, to green and red. Highlight the look of a real princess in the fairy tale of Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana eyeliner chosen by Pat McGrath: the make up artist applied The Glam Liner to stretch your eyes in a stylish way. Eyebrows as Cara: also this year  eyebrows will be the protagonists, in many different ways:  designed and ordered finally combed upward,wild but with style and disciplined or Sixties Style. And unfortunately we will be taking the summer even in winter this horrible trend of white nails: the horror! Remember my post about this trend? Well I certainly have not changed my mind.

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