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Make your Valentine’s Day sweeter with Andrea Morelli

Happy Saturday!!! Despite the rain, I’m in a great mood, I love the rain, and then even one good news can cheer your day. 

Today, I would like to mention one thing that cheers and fascinates many. In a few weeks, it will be Valentine’s Day. And if you are not fond of hearts and flowers, or you love them, and love shopping too, well, this is your opportunity. Are you curious?

Andrea Morelli, a famous italian label, launches, Valentine’s Day, the initiative “Give a kiss to whoever you want”. 
From February 7 to 14, Andrea Morelli invites you to celebrate Valentine’s Day by publishing in the official Facebook page of the brand a photo of the exchange of a kiss. All those who join the initiative will receive a special voucher of 10 € to be spent within Sunday, February 16 on the purchase of the products of brand new Spring / Summer 2014.

If I were you, i would participate, without hesitation! To show you the reason for my enthusiasm so much, I chose the most interesting pieces of the Spring / Summer 2014 collection.

Andrea Morelli style is ironic and youthful, stylish and irreverent, transgressive or absolutely romantic and bon ton, a winning and very attractive combination.
From sneakers to ballerinas, from wedges to sandals with high heels, everything is presented in a clear color palette, with touches of colors that make the collection very versatile, all proposed according to the canons of the best traditional Italian manufacturing.

Make your Valentine’s Day sweeter, and have fun with the creations of Andrea Morelli.

Men, maybe you have the solution for gifts here for you!

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