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Make up ideas for New Year’s Eve

Happy Monday! Last week of 2013 is started and i have no idea what to wear on New Year’s Eve. Oh yes, i’m aspiring fashion journalist, lifestyle blogger and personal shopper with 0 ideas for myself. I’m so bad!

So while I try a few ideas for me, I found some really cute ideas for make-up. 
Yes, because in addition to clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, you must also think about the hair and makeup As for the hair I have 0 ideas as for the clothes, at least I’ve found some inspiration for the original make up.

I have focused my attention on two sides of the same coin: a High-impact , colorful make-up and one sophisticated with soft colors. No middle ground

I propose you a small random of photos, where you can find something that I hope will help you. 

I prefer smoke-eyes and nude lips for the night, bright red lipstick and a little bit of mascara and black pencil for the day.

But the New Year’Eve is the most glittering night of the year, so make room in colored mascaras, glitter, color games with pearl eye shadow on the eyelids or glossy, seductive and voluminous lips (and no thanks to botox) thanks to vibrant and bright lipstick, which emphasize your beautiful lips.

Do you remember the two sessions of make-up for Inglot (My Inglot Experience in Coin StoreTeam Landon- Inglot for a make up session) or my post about Pupa Milano? 

Maybe, you can find inspiration from those post. Anyway, i hope that today you can find what you want here, and if you have any kind of ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 😉

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