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Good Friday!! Ready for the weekend? I hope so, i hope to have fun with friends, relax, it was a week full of work, and the approaching departure for London, and I confess, I’m starting to get a bit scared. But when it comes to London and England, my emotions are always mixed, then joy prevails.

But it’s time for fashion. You know I am very excited about the brand that I propose to you, but this time is different, because the fashion meeting others, and not its potential customers, but those who need help.
It’s with great pleasure i present to you The Glow Brand.

These shoes, really beautiful, are made in Italy and they show all the quality and tradition that Italy offers in this area. The stilettos, number 4002 are striking for their elegance and despite being an iconic shoe, the stiletto is reinterpreted in a fresh, glam and contemporary, and makes it an attractive ally for every woman.

The Glow Brand shoe include a lightened platform, which is highly shock absorbing and impact resistant, and this is very important especially if you want to wear the shoes for a long. 

The stiletto is available in five color variations: Hot Pink, Neon Yellow, Fluo Orange, True Green and Aqua Blue. And these neon colors surround a little secret, which I will reveal to you: the neon coloured shoes contain special pigments which causes the shoes to glow in particular ambiances such as near UV light, giving a fun and trendy appearance.

And here comes the part that I love more. Each color is associated with a charity:

Neon Yellow: The Arts Foundation
Fashion is not just about shopping, excess, expensive clothes and jewelry. Fashion is mostly art, creation, invention, and this prompts man to do something good, especially for others. 
Maybe you are thinking of buying a new pair of shoes, maybe just a pair of stiletto: this is your opportunity to do something good,  and if anyone will reproach you for having bought another pair of shoes, you’ll have a reason that no will argue.

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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