venerdì, Giugno 18

Love me, hug me, cover me

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel 
Love me, hug me, cover me. No, it’s not the title of latest song i listened. And no, those are not the words that I said to a man (yes, I admit that I’d like). Can you guess?

It’s simple what i think of winter, you know i love the coldest season, i feel good with the cold, i can be my self, better, i can express all myself. Over the years, ever since I was little kid, I love sweaters, heavy wool, thick, colored. I loved them, but then if there was Facebbok I could say that I and the wool “had a complicated relationship”, yuo know, allergies. Never mind! Maybe you can’t wear something or you can’t have something but it does not mean that it can not please you. So, my love is revived thanks to seasonal trends. Oversized sweaters. Beautiful, warm clothing, chic, COMFORTABLE (if you can find an another adjective, you could win a bonus). It seems that the winning mix is oversized sweater + denim, maybe with ballerinas for the day, and decollete for the night. I know, you could think, as me, if you wear an oversized sweater, you’ll look big or hide your nice shapes. Well girls, who tells me this I say “I speak of oversized sweaters, not baggy!”. And you can believe me, there is all the difference in the world! So, while you choose your perfect sweater ( Sonia Rykiel is my favorite), I’ll be here that I despair with envy!
French Connection
French Connection
Denny Rose
Denny Rose
Pictures: MSGM, H&M, French Connection, Denny Rose, Gas, Asos, Sonia Rykiel Official Websites

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