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Love is in the air

Good Thursday!! In the past days, some brands with which I and the team have collaborated have contacted us to promote some interesting special collections for the most romantic day of the year.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and though I am convinced that a couple should love one another and to show love for each other every day, I will admit that these special collections are a good reason to celebrate. 
But I must also admit that I’d rather spend a “romantic” day like this with the person that I love ( when I find the right one).

This year, i will spend the Valentine’s Day in London, the city I love, including bloggers, journalists and fashion shows. But I’ll be in the city that I love, so it’s a special day for me too

The jewelry you see in the first five images belong to the collection of Civita Queriot ( do you remember my first article about Civita by Queriot?).

Coins that interpret the words I love you, and declined with witty style especially for singles and for those you love, I love me (for the series, you learn to love yourself first).
Simple jewelry that capture the eye and the heart, especially. Rose gold and silver combine lines and shapes, to best represent the romantic style.

Another brand-partner of TAG is JoysofTuscany (Do you remember my article about it?), which has created wonders, earrings shapes reminiscent of roses, the flower of love and passion. These creations have a touch of romance that is hard to deny, and that whatever would be pleased to receive.

Scrolling through the article, you will find other gift ideas for s.valentino accessories from H & M and sensual underwear signed by Intimissimi, a collection just for this festival, and a Burberry bracelet, which I must admit, I was conquered. But is not this the magic of Burberry?

Whatever you decide to give, remember that “Love does not want, want only to love,” as Herman Hesse. So, first of all love, even the gift. 

Other ideas for your perfect gift

Burberry Bracelet

Intimissimi Valentine’s day collection

H&m Accessories

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