sabato, Febbraio 27

London Fashion Week – let get it started

Hello world! First day of Lomdon Fashion Week is gone and i was like a flipper ball.

I have passed all the day going round and round the city for fashion shows and press presentation. My favorite? Without doubts Daks: elegant, chic, pretty and sensual, the show was at the Royal Opera House. I had never seen it inside but it’s a magic place, go if you can,you’ll be charmed. And in the Covent Garden zone i discovered two nice places where eat something:Coté Bistrot,where people is pretty and food is very good,and Blanc, where you can eat enjoyimg the magic atmosphere of Covent Market. The two bags you see in the first pictures come from Paul Costelloe fashion show:champagne,fashion, great music and gifts, all at Simpson in the Strand. Am i happy? Oh yes!!! Am i tired? Of course

Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Samsung Galaxy Tab III

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