London Experience part 1

Hello People! I’m very sorry for my absence, but please try to understand me, i was in London! Oh yes, i realized one of my dreams, come back home, in that incredible, magic City that London is.
I want to share with you my experience in several headings, because i want to show you everything. So, let’s start!
The first time i went to London, i’ve not gone in the pubs, i was under-age, and my teacher was not the person adapted to drink beer. But this time, i wanted to go, so i went to The Imperial for a fast lunch.It’s situated near Leicester Square. Pub is nice, with a particular atmoshere, typical english pub, and not very expensive.
 I drinked and i ate with strangers, but it has been amusing. I ate very well with a Corona…

Second day in London, i went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen, near St. Paul Cathedral. I visited The Curch all morning, i was very tired to go around The City to find a place where go to eat. I saw the standard of the store, and for some strange and obscure sensation i entered in. I can swear on my life, i’ve never eaten a sandwich so big! It’s was very good, with fresh and good quality products. At the end, i was  satiated!

An another experince that you’ve to try is to eat a sandwich in St. James Park during a sunny day. It’s so… Uao! You can eat and relax yourself at the shadow of the trees. I have to confess: i slpet for one hour. 😉

I’m very sorry for the picture, but I had just woken up…
And now, London nights! I want to be honest, i drank every nights in many different places, in Soho, Covent, Fulham… luckily, there aren’t incriminating photos of me,except:

The latter pub you see is The Brewmaster. It was raining, I got there by chance to escape the rain. 
The result was to eat at the top of the pub, very quiet, comfortable and clean, and the food was good. In the room below, the alcohol flowed freely and I improvised a dance with a stranger

The real places where to party, drink and have fun but they are in another part of town. 
Salon Club, located in Mayfair. It’s one of the great London nightclubs; it’s very exclusive and you can have one of the best night of your life. An another interesting and nice club is The Mahiki. This place has always been famous since it opened in 2007. 
When i came back to Italy, I found out on twitter the forthcoming opening of another local, Ruski’s Tavern that it promises to be one of the coolest bar in the City. It will be situated in London’s Royal Borough, directly opposite Kensington Palace. If you will be in London this autumn, go there if you wanna have fun. For all info, check on Ruski’s Taven
Stay tuned for the next part of my London Experience…

All photos were taken with the camera of my Samsung Galaxy S Duos