Let’s go back to the basic

Relax, take it easy!

It always seems to work in the fashion world is a game, where there are no rules except that of “putting more and more shows,” through photographs, statements and oufit more whimsical, eccentric, and sometimes really embarrassing. Personally, I appreciate the basic style, it will be because I believe in the words “less is more” : I prefer to take basic pieces, mix them with something colorful or a little more whimsical and always create new outfits. In the end, the difference is in the details, not the layers of feathers that one wears. So, a few days ago, browsing on Google Plus, I noticed these photos of H & M, and I got an idea. Why not play with fashion for a while? After all, these garments are basics, for the most part, and I chose accessories that are not basic. So I took the two brands that I love, H & M and Zara (Soon I’ll do a similar thing with Mango, I love this brand too to be able to leave aside), and I have mixed’re bags and shoes are different. Try it yourself like me to mix them in amniera always different with the upcoming seasonal trends and you will always have an outfit from different mood. Because in the end, the real trick is not to take fashion seriously, but be yourself or whoever you want to be.

My game, my first outfit

My outfit “type” is composed of the jeans and the sweater you see in the penultimate image, the third image of the bag, the shoes and the last image, and perhaps even the boots of the penultimate. But they are two different pairs of shoes, so two outfits, two different occasions. There is so much potential in clothing basics, just know that finding.

Zara Bags

Zara Shoes

Pictures: H&M Official, ZARA Website

Autore dell'articolo: Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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