Let yourself be seduced by the style of fashion twins – Francesca e Veronica Feleppa

Discovering new brands: this is the mission of TAG! Why? Because it’s nice to see new ideas, original, fresh, and most importantly it is great to see young talent to emerge and bring out their full potential.

For this new brand, both I and Ale we were fascinated by the beauty of the creations, it’s with pleasure i share with you Francesca e Veronica Feleppa, two young twins with passion for fashion.

From making clothes for dolls clothes to create real, it took a lot of perseverance, tenacity and passion, but their talent is undeniable.

Their style is very young, cool, innovative and very elegant, it has nothing to envy to the great brand. It is as if every piece “inspire” elegance, or a continuous search for elegance and perfection, to radiate towards a harmony of lines, colors and shapes in tune with the female body.

So between patterns and volumes, it is to define a unique style for every occasion.

And just in time for Christmas, if you go on their website, you can find their latest effort: a capsule collection which includes fantasy, lace, and a lot of attention to details. It’s a good occasion to be glam!

From cocktail dresses to special dresses for every day: there is nothing that you would not want to have in your closet, so let yourself be seduced by the style of Feleppa Sisters.

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