Hello guys! I hope your week is started in a positive way.Yesterday, i was too happy when Hemyca retweeted my post! It’s so wonderful! For a writer and fashion lover like me, this was  a satisfaction, it means that someone has read what you write. These are the things that lead me to write every day and give me an extra boost to do better. And after this little part of me, it’s time to talk about fashion. Today, i just want to talk about a brand that create jewels, and these are definitely “Made in Italy”, made ​​to last. I’m talking about Valentina Brugnatelli Jewels

This italian brand creates Iconic jewelry, small pieces of history, small pieces of pure art. For Spring/Summer 2014, Valentina Brugnatelli was inspiring by from the forms of nature, harmony of lines, shapes, materials and colors, through a specific point of view, through the Swedish textile prints architect of 50-60 years’ Josef Frank, that she particularly likes. The structure of the architectural jewels is, but they are declined in the colors of natua like lavender, pale pink and pale yellow and soft, particular shade of gold, with warm yellows but not aggressive, remember the warm light Nordic summer. Pieces “must” in the collection are the big transparent and colored bangles, enriched by semi-precious stones and a fine line of black enamel underlines the contrast of colors. To give a touch of light and brilliance think about Swarovski rhinestones. These jewels are like something you have always wanted but was never found, they are a delicate fruit and harmonious, a successful eclectic mix of beads, chain, Swarovski crystals and precious stones, jewels that are in between the past and present. Any enhancement of these would make special any woman. 

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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