giovedì, Ottobre 22

Lady Leila Bag is back on TAG!

I don’t know if i can say Good Tuesday, because Holidays are officially over. But, c’mon, try to smile, your TAG is always with you.

Today, it’s a special day for me: Today I speak to you of a brand with which I cooperated and I can assure you that it is a great pleasure for me to host it again here: Lady Leila Bag. 

Lady Leila Bag here shows its new collections, always elegant, always handmade, always well made, this brand always creates high quality products. These new products are in line with the trends and colors of the season.
They vary from day bags to purses typically for the evening, thanks to the refined gold details that give light to the accessory.

Among the various models can be seen Tartan Flowerwhich has the distinction of being a ‘2 in1 ‘, in fact the two lateral flowers hide the buttons that allow you to clip and unclip the shoulder strap to wear a pouch;
Lady Toilette, a small beauty to keep in your bag or suitcase, or in the bathroom; 
MAG, a trunk covered with a special lining, entirely covered with a quilt and also the inside pockets are quilted. 

These three collections are those which have struck my fancy. The designer told me that other creations are coming soon.

So, Carpe Diem, do not miss this opportunity to own something truly unique. Just like a real lady.

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