martedì, Ottobre 20

Just singing the rain with the right boots

Good Monday to everyone!!!! During these days, the rain raging outside my window, don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, walking with an umbrella, my boots, my coat, gloves, and walk through the illuminated streets, and then stop for a cup of tea or an aperitif.

Have you ever heard the song “Just singing the rain”, sung by Frank Sinatra? Well, nice and perfect boots are indispensable allies…

So, I have prepared a short list of suitable boots for the rain, but not only. It’s time for the sales, and maybe you can catch a good opportunity and buy rain boots of excellent quality at a very affordable price.

From Burberry to Zara, the brands that I propose to you are really good, great to combine with jeans or corduroy trousers, or from a classic coat to something more sporty.

My favorites are the ones of Barratts: a red coat military style, wool pants blacks, a cute wool hat on my head and a country-style umbrella. All this reminds me of the old movies that I love so much.

Take a chance and find the pair of rain boots more suitable for you: don’t you would love the rain with a nice pair of boots (maybe Burberry) to walk?







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