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Jewel your life! with JewelBeMine

Hello guys!! How is your week? Is all ok? Well, you have to know that Ale is very incredible to find new brands through social networks. I use Instagram for fun, not for work, but sometimes i’m very grateful having Ale in my life! She is fantastic, and i don’t say it only because she discovered the brand of today. As the majority of women in the world, i’m in love with fashion accessories. Every woman has her favorite accessory: some like many rings or only one (but always an accessory), who prefers the bracelets or earrings and eye-catching necklaces. 
Today, i hope i’ll make happy many of you. Ladies, drumroll please: an applause for JewelBeMine!

JewelBeMine is a too nice place and brand where you can find the object of your desires. It was founded by two girls who love fashion and both have the style in the blood, Natalie Mery and Valentina Osuna. They found JewelBeMine with a mission: ” to be a one stop destination for high quality jewelry at the most affordable prices in the marketplace”. Don’t you want to be BFF with these two?! girls, you realize our dreams! On JewelBeMine, every piece is posh, chic, nice, a wide selection of on trend jewelry, staple pieces as well as inspiration for all things jewelry. Each piece, even the smallest, is studied in detail, harmonious in form and color combinations and material. Many of these pieces are worthy of any red carpet! Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings: what you want is there, and their spirit enrich  with glamorous light, color and style your easier outfit. 

Jewel your life!


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