giovedì, Ottobre 29

It’s not beautiful what is beautiful but it’s beautiful what likes

“It’s not beautiful what is beautiful but it’s beautiful what likes”. 

Since i was young, i have heard this words from my mom, my granny, my cousins. It’s a fairly simple concept but apply it to everyday life is not easy: do not follow trends, do not be swayed by fads or what is commonly called beautiful, but follow your instincts, your heart, and find that that you consider beautiful. I’m slowly beginning to understand more deeply these words, and I try to apply them in my life, from the choice of what to wear to what to write in this blog, from what to say to what I want to do. As this collection: not everyone has appreciated it, but on me exerts a special fascination. H&M is famous for being a low cost brand, but this term does not rhyme with “lack of style”, but I believe that this colleizone has a lot of style. Simple in form and silhouette, H&M Studio has created a collection that remains etched in the mind of the beholder through transparency, colorful, “institutional”  color such as white, black, blue, and olive green. I love slip dresses and draped tops because they are easy, almost like petticoats that caress the body and make it very sensual. But the  Tomboyish biker jackets have become my “must-haves” of the season, coats and furs are absolutely perfect, no detail out of place, no frills too, everything is measured, studied, cool. I just hope that the furs are fake, I’m ABSOLUTELY AGAINST the real fur. My dream (now not so secret) is to wear that beautiful white fur for the upcoming London Fashion Week, with my decollette of Mango with golden studs: oh, it’s such a beautiful dream!

Pictures: Vogue

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