Trick or treat? Are you ready for Halloween?

The most awesome party of the year is coming, but i think that in a movie like Mean Girls there is the whole truth about this feast: “in the real world, Halloween is the night when the kids dress up and ask “trick or treat'”, in the world of girls Halloween is the one night when a girl can dress like a total slut porn model and no other can say anything about it”.

I think that Lindsay Lohan’s character said right, but it doesn’t mean that everyone should think so.

So, if you don’t want dress youself like a sexy bitch, sexy witch or a “porn model or a playgirl”, i suggest to you to focus on a particular make-up, something that catches the attention on you, without people think wrong of you.
Here for you a little screeening of possible ideas for your make-up. Make  your eyes seductive and attractive with special eye shadows and mascara (“vampire lips are gone”), mix the colors, and especially, DARE!
Do you know my motto? Inspire yourself, inspire the others

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