Between british brands i like, there is Issa London. I really appreciate it for the very good quality of the products, especially silk.
For the next fall, Issa London created an interesting collection, inspired by colors of Native Navajo. Prints of clothing take inspiration from different landscape, and it’s like seeing a landscape over clit’s like seeing a landscape over clothesothes. Headdresses are inspired by those of the tribes, and these create a harmonic shape with the dress, but at the same time give a stronger image than the sexiness of the dress

Issa London is famous for its use of silk, these is a  big part of Issa’s culture. Clothings are perfect because you can feel warm and comfortable when you wear one of them; but at the same time, clothings are very sensual with a particular lines, texture or a detail, such as a dress with open back, or a seductively long-transparent sleeves

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