Happy Saturday!! Some rain outside the window, perfect book and flu: this is my weekend! The first two are among my favorites, unfortunately flu is still with me! So bad!! During these days, i’m often in bed with many fashion newspapers, and among the many advertising, I have found a brand that I did not know, and I am curious (aah ignorance, that bad thing!), so with pc i started my research on the web. I discovered Aniye By world. Face of the brand is a famous italian actresses, Ambra Angiolini, a not exactly conventional woman, as well as the brand.

The philosophy of the brand, that i really appreciate because it’s  close to my mind, says “The style is a well-dressed mind “. And this idea is reflected in every collection, a infallible spirit guide. For Spring/Summer 2014, Aniye By proposes a collection that is inspired by elegance, fresh and light, every piece of clothing is so perfect for a casual look, or for a more sophisticated, versatile for a mix and match; the mood of the collection is refined and contemporary, drawing inspiration from different eras and fashions. Bright colors and camouflage prints, soft lines but still enveloping and sensual, leopard prints: a perfect collection for women able to play with fashion, strong women, ironic and irreverent, able to combine long clothing in sneakers covered in glitter. every outfit is proposed delicate and romantic, but at the same time strong and dynamic. Perfect for any young woman who wants to enjoy life.

Pictures: Aniye By
Model: Ambra Angiolini

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