domenica, Settembre 26

Inspiration of style: Rebecca Minkoff Fall/Winter 2013 collection

I have always considered Facebook a disgrace more than an opportunity to meet new people, but this time I have to say thanks to the genius of Zuckerberg.
Last week, I have discovered a brand on a Facebook page, and I really, really, adore it! Its name is Rebecca Minkoff. I know that, for many people, that’s not a surprise, but for me, Minkoff’s creations are a bless

For the next fall, Rebecca Minkoff created something special: taking inspiration from Neil Armstrong’s words, “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon”, designer created a collection unique and original, a sexy “tomboy” woman, dressed with leather jackets and distressed denim, some of the holographic pointy heels and handbags.
A real step forward for this brand that, with this its improvement, is destined to do great things in the fashion world.

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