domenica, Settembre 26

Inspiration of style: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is considered the prototype of It-girl. This American beauty started her career in reality show “The City”, and after, she did not stop more. Now, she is a famous blogger, and everyone thinks that is normal she gives style tips to the others: she has a great sense of style, maybe because she grew in Upper East Side of New York, or because she has always had opportunity to stay in contact with most important brands of fashion.

Around the city or on the red carpet, Miss Palermo is a real talent in mixing clothings and accesories, and the result is always an elegant and nice woman. You can take inspiration from her everytime you want, her fau pas in the fashion world are very few. It’s true that she wears famous brands, but with a little originality it’s possible copy her style.

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