How to wear the perfect jeans


Last two days i worked very hard. Bafta and Grammy: i han no time to breathe, and if you want to read my articles click on Bafta and Grammy. Yesterday, i needed to stay away from PC, tablet or whatever was  about technology. I spent the day reading newspapers and books, but i found interesting about denim, in particular, jeans. Problably jeans are the only one things common to all the closets of the world. Topshop launched a special campaign, starring Hailey Baldwin, and with this campaign you can understand and choose your perfect pair of jeans. For example, do you like Boyfriend jenas? Well, girls, there is also Girlfriend model, offering a slightly slimmer leg and cinched in at the waist, perfect for night out. 9 differten models that can chane you, your style and your outfits everytime. I lost count how many possibilities we have for every model. So analyze every model and choose what model represents your best, and after click on Topshop for your shopping. Shopping: one word, a sea of happiness.

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 Pictures: Topshop Lookbook

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