It’s considered the most famous low-cost brand in the world, and may be it’s true. But H&M tries, after every season, to do its best and it tries to improve, always looking for new collaborations and inspirations. Everyone remembers many capsule-collection, more or less lucky, with Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, Martin Margiela and Versace.

So, just like other brands, H&M decides to give to its own collection a glamorous and sophisticathed style…

Black is the least common denominator: military jackets, knee-black boots, mini-skirt, long transparent dresses, everything is black.
But, sometimes, a touch of color appears on sweaters, on and under  the jackets that hold sensual dresses.
A collection that shows the power of the woman, her strongest side; a woman who doesn’t forget to be sensual when she wants

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