Good Tuesday! Did you enjoy your holidays? I hope so, i ate definitely too much, weather was not so good, but my mind was in amazing sunny place. And of course, i started to think about sea, bikini, pareo and more. So, What’s better than a low cost brand that offers its customers the very best of seasonal trends?!!? Luckily, H&M exists!! And it offers the best of the seasonal trends in its collection: FLARE TOP, a bikini whose top looks like a normal crop top with thin straps;  TROPICAL, bikinis covered with leaves, flowers and exotic fruits for a summer inspired by the most beautiful tropical locations;  SPORTY, briefs or panties, top and cross integers that wrap around the body; Wing, the new wing is built and has a central vent less and drive for a sensual push-up effect; Swimsuit, one of the hottest trends of the season listed; DOTS, STRIPES and VICHY, must have of the season, but also of the great classics for people who want to play it safe; RUCHES, they give that touch of sensuality which never hurts.

For Summer 2014, much space to black & white, declined in various ways: or in the classic polka dot pattern on a black background, or in texture with horizontal stripes. In addition to these, the colorful patterns help to make the look cheerful and bright, with colors such as teal, pink, yellow, gray, blue and multicolor prints. H&M reinterprets the classic bikini, through the use of details torchon in the upper part and forms modeling, which enhance optimally the curves of the body. Among the changes to the bikini, the Swedish brand introduces models fully lined with decorative hinges on the sides of the briefs and the center of the top. The swimsuit instead has bodycon shapes and sensuous twists that go to join in harmony with the classic costume. A perfect collection, which thanks to its moderate prices, can enter almost all, if not all, in our closet, making us immensely happy! My favourite Bikini? What you see in the image below: sensual, simple, cool and sports: virtually my dream!

Pictures: H&M

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