Yesterday, i talked with you about some ideas for Halloween makeup. Today, i want to share with you some ideas for Halloween Costumes.

It’s not easy choosing perfect costume, you have to choose if you wanna be funny or sexy, scary or hilarious.

So, it is best to decide what to wear in time, the choice is difficult and there are many characters to inspire.

So here for you, a little screening of celebs best dressed for Halloween. They took inspiration from movies, fables, but especially they have done a lot of attention to details.

For example, Emma Roberts: in past years, she has taken inspiration from the film behind the success of his aunt Julia, Pretty Woman; the costume was perfect.

And what about Miranda Kerr? She knows that she have nice legs and found a good way to show them. Which magician would not want an assistant like her?

Be creative, and you are costume will be good. Enjoy the party!

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