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Graceful elegance by Busardi

Good Morning! Lately I have developed an intimate relationship with my bed. There would be nothing wrong if I did not have a blog to attend to. 😉
When i was in London (please don’t hate me for tfor these words), I received an invitation to go to the presentation of the collection of Busardi, but complicit in the bad weather, the lack of knowledge of the London buses, are not arrived on time. And I am very sad. So, having lost this beautiful occasion, I decided to find out more about this brand.

Brand has been created, in 2009, by a mother and her son, Busardi Muntarbhorn and Tuck Muntarbhorn. The collections are inspired by a tender romance, with a timeless grace, by the high quality of materials used, by continuous research and not exaggerated the true beauty.

As for this Spring / Summer,Busardi collection ranges within romantic and delicate shades, such as pink and white,  with lines that caress the female form and making them attractive. Dresses for day and evening: the tender sensuality of the collection can not fail to capture the view, including a play of transparency and necklines organized in the right places.

Maybe not all women feel they can wear these clothes, for their extreme elegance, but it would be a shame to miss such beauty?

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