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If i say globtrotter what do you think? Fashion icon? Fashion Blogger?

Generally, a globetrotter is a person who travels a lot, visiting new places or returns frequently to places already visited. In short, a globetrotter is  a person with always the case in the  hands, one who knows better the airports in the world than the house in whick she/he lives. I tought when I saw this collection of Kocca “well, this is a collection for those who often goes around the world, for those with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, for those who always has the right look even after 12 hours of plane “. Apart from a few looks that I did not own congenial, because far from my style, if you know me at least a little bit as I believe, you know that look more “rock’n’roll are among my favorites, and then if they are also a little chic, they are perfect. I do not know, but some seem suitable for big-great cities such as New York, or European cities such as London. Behold, the look of the picture you see below, I would wear it on a day of Ordinary Madness (aka fashion week) in London. Ready for a fashion show or ready to jump in the next flight to discover an another city. And every time i think of it, in my mind Heart of Glass, sung by Gisele Bundchen ft David Guetta, starts in my mind.

 Pictures: Kocca Official Website

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