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Glam-rock is back by Y.A.S

Hello everybody!!! Last Saturday of the holiday has come and  of the holiday has come. How is it possible!?!? Well, while you’re reading this post, i’ll be with a big cup of tea next to me. 

Yesterday, when I planned my trip to London (oh, come February!), I found this brand on a site, Veromoda, where shopping is a must: there are too many beautiful things! How can you resist?! And now, it’s time to talk about Y.A.S

Y.A.S is label I consider like a small “Eldorado of fashion”, because you can find fabulous clothes, style, very good quality. 
Face of the label is Danish fashion blogger and former model Pernille Teisbæk: she plays with grit and originality style of this youthful and glam brand.

I really appreciate it because it manages to be different from others while keeping an eye on the trends of the season
Clothes have a glam-rock mood that I hardly look around, lines of dresses and jackets recall to mind what you see on runways around the world, and this cosmopolitan and gritty spirit is reflected on dresses, tops, skirts, and all that is included by brand.

My favorite piece is the red dress: I would see it well with studded black biker boots, leather jacket and colored clutch. An outfit that reflects the mood “rock-and-roll” of the label and that enhances it.

The glam-rock style has never been so fabulous, thanks to Y.A.S 

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