Hello and good Thursday!!! Yesterday, i passed an amazing moment mum-daughter, with shopping time, of course!! Oh yes, my closet has new friends XDXD Well, i promise i’ll show you everything, you have my word, but i have to say thanks to Calliope, a very famous and cool italian fashion brand. I don’t know if I ever told you that I love very much the art, and for this reason i really appreciate the collection i share with you today. Persy Jewelry debuted on the international market in 2013, and there has always been an unstoppable success. Generally, the brand takes care of clothing ready to wear and haute couture, but also excels in the field of jewelry, and this third collection is a tribute to the famous woman and artist as Frida Kahlo.

This collection bears the label’s characteristics, femininity, strong impact and appreciation for modernity and Goth. The creation is a mix of art and contradiction, just as was the well-known artist. Different shapes and lines come together and give birth to something unique, harmonious, something very feminine. All creations are made with gold/ red gold/ oxide Silver/ black nickel plated, Soldered finish, stamped with crystal Swarovski ,studded ‘Gourmette’ chain in mesh & leather elements, and all of these materials and precious stones used to help create details that make us love these jewels. Because a gem is not only a precious object, but it can be something really artistic, especially if it’s a mix of different cultures and styles. Art is beauty and beauty is art, just like these jewelry.

“I try to make women feel powerful without losing their femininity.”

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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