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Fun begins from a tshirt with What is the Answer!

Good Monday! I know that the beginning of a new week can be bad or a trauma, but if you start with a smile everything is better. So, you’re Auburn Girl is here for you. 
With more happiness than I deserve, and proud of the work done by all the team, i can announce you that yesterday Team Landon has realized its first shooting in collaboration with Maclù; as soon as possible, i’ll share everything with you. I promise!

But now, it’s time to think about a cool, funny, young, glam and stylish brand: What is The Answer!
How many times don’t you have the right answer at the right time? Do you remember Meg Ryan in “You’ve got Mail”?
She was angry because she didn’t find the right aswer when she needed; the only time she got right answer, she struck and sank his “enemy,” starring Tom Hanks.

“What is the answer” t-shirts are very pretty and funny; they are born from the desire to communicate something through what you wear, in this particular case, just t-shirts.

All the conversations reported on T-shirts were collected around the world, but also on internet and social networks. Answers to the questions proposed are accompanied ironic, poignant, funny, current, in line with modern communication, such as social networks.
Brand was born in in Milan, it was founded on the ability and experience of Olyprint, a small laboratory artisan, specialized in the customization of garments clothing.

The message is enclosed within a colored smartphones or you have the background of Mary Poppins’ face, and while you’re waiting the Charming Prince, with “What is the Answer”, you can have in your tshirt a new perspective of Cinderella, or giving a new meaning to the word BITCH.

At the end of the post, you can find me, my funny face with my new tshirt, and i can tell you that i was very proud to wear it on Saturday. I have worn it with an old pair of Zara TRF jeans, my black Converse and a big shoulder bag by Mango. An easy way to wear it, chic and comfortable at the same time. What do you want more?

Be original and funny with What is the answer, fun begins from a tshirt.

My new Tshirt thanks to What is the Answet

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