venerdì, Febbraio 26

Front Row ideas

What do you do when you’re at a fashion show and wait for it to begin? Look the front row, of course!

When i go to fashion shows, i observe. Look at people who are sitting in the front row, while many are cause for envy, for me they are a source of inspiration. If there’s one thing I learned going to fashion shows is that those sitting in the front row always try to be original and the best, because if you’re cool, if you really are i mean, it is likely that someone asks you to take pictures, you’ll likely end up in a newspaper and maybe enter in the “favor” of some pr. For me, who sits in the front row is a subject to be studied. Cause it is not so much what she wears but how you wear it, you can believe me, it makes all the difference in this world. There are those who prefer a more comfortable, more chic than those who prefer the vintage style and those who prefer classic, not to mention those who “dress to impress”. Anyway, everyone, from the “normal” to the most “daring”, all the looks are a source of continuous inspiration. And among all seen front row at the last LFW, I can assure you that Topshop was really a “source” style.

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