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First photoshoot with Maclù

Today, this is a very important moment for TAG: i share with all of you my first photoshoot.

This crazy idea, i can say, was born by Ale, who told me that we are not like other “fashion -bloggers”, but we talk about fashion, and fashion is connected with pictures. So, it’s arrived the idea of a photoshoot in partnership with Maclù. I have talked with you about this brand recently, in this post Original style with Maclù”

At the beginning, it was not easy: i have never organized or made something like this, the whole team has put into action to find the right brand, locations, models. And i have realized i had to start from the beginning, so i have made a choice.

Last Sunday, me, Ale, Samu (Team Landon) and models: we went in a very special location, surrounded by nature, something which the Sicily can boast: Peloritani’s Park. A beautiful place where nature reigns and offers beautiful scenery. It would take only a photo shoot for it!

And it was just the nature gave me the idea about the concept of the photo shoot: the contrast between the urban and chic mood of the outfits and and the natural, wild landscape.
A bright make-up that gave prominence to the eye, but without being excessive or that stole the limelight from the rest. I tried to create a harmony between clothes, accessories, make up, locations.

The accessories have been chosen according to this idea of ​​harmony: nothing was to be excessive.

Maclù’clothes, to which I say thank you very much for giving me this opportunity, are comfortable, perfect for any type of mix-and-match, with trendy colors for this winter season.
Clothes enhance the feminine silhouette: from the legs to the waist, to the neckline.

I hope you like it, and I hope I can share with you as soon as possible an another photoshoot. Enjoy the show 😉 and thanks again to Maclù: you have realized one of my dreams.

All the cast. From L to R: Gabriella, Team Landon crew: Ale, Samu and Cris, Mariangela

Clothes from Maclù
Shoes, Accesories, Make up from Team Landon
Photos by Samuela S.
Photoshoot by Team Landon: Cris Landon, Ale R, Samuela S.

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