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Featured – Reiss ideas for spring

Hello guys! Just Katy Perry sings, T.G.I.F! And i add finally! Weekend is always a moment of peace and rest, you can do something for your spirit, for yourself, as go out with your friends. Spring is here, or better, it’s coming, and you just wanna try something new instead of wearinf the usual clothes. You want to dare. Personally, i try to do it every day, and i can assure you i’m surprised by myself. And in this “i want something different” plan, Reiss is a  really good style-guide. Oh yes, Reiss is come back on TAG, this partnership makes  me happy. But What Reiss proposes for spring? What are its guidelines?

I chose what I could personally wear, adding detail and color that make a difference. Is a dress too simple, like what you see above? Well, a precious belt, or a leather belt can make the difference, just like a pair of sandals with ankle straps. What really matter is the idea that you want to give of yourself. If you don’t are so sure to dare with leather or leopard print dress, start with chic and easy clothes and add a touch of color, maybe a pair of emerald green shoes of Reiss. White is one of the seasonal colors, so opt for a white lace dress, it’s romantic, elegant, and if you don’t want a too elegant outfit, choose a pair of black ankle-boots, perfect choice for the day.  In all these years of approach and discover the fashion, I have discovered that there is nothing better mix of different styles, and that sometimes it is the simplest and smallest detail that makes the difference. I also learned that it is better to have the reference brand, just the ones that you see and you say “uaooo! that is my style.” Take inspiration from here and find your “featured clothes/accessories” for Spring

Pictures: Reiss Press Office

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