Explosive collection by Warehouse

Many of you know that Team Landon knows very well British Brands, also because the team has a strong synergy with Britain and British mood.

And what could be more British if not Warehouse?
Brand, founded in 1976, has among its legions of admirers super top-models such Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon and Christy Turlington: these models were wearing Warehouse and, for this reason brands ha to launched, in 1985, its first bymail catalogue, in collaboraiton with the three super top.

For this fall 2013, Oxford street brand has created an unique collection, very versatile. Every piece is good for every kind of occasion: work, girls-time, disco, pub, casual mood.

The collection includes all seasonal trends just like camel capes, but also  jacquard sweatshirts, leather a-line skirts, pajama suit.
Of course, masculine tailoring, classic court shoes, and on-trend prints don’t lack.

I told you in a previous post that motto “be british,be cool” is the trend of the season: when you look this collection, you think it’s right. Inevitably and rightly you’ll want a pieces of Warehouse. 

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