She has been nominated Most Elegant Woman in the world, but before this kind of coronation, i have always known that Gwyneth Paltrow was the most elegant. I don’t know if it’s for yoga, or for her preference for healthy foods, or for her healthy lifestyle, but Gwyneth is better over the years.

Just like her, her style is improved in the years. At the beginning, on the red carpets or in the street for a normal day, Gwyneth seemed a little bit clumsy, not very comfortable with her body and with her clothes. Her smile was not enough to say that she was perfect. 
But, looking at her now, it’s possible see the differences, in the way she walks or in her now-natural attitude with the clothes she wears for many occasions. 
I really appreciate her style because it’s composed by basic clothing, like a white t-shirt, a jacket different from the usual tailoring, dresses that are very simple but chic and elegant at the same time. No too many accesories, no too much make-up. Easy is chic, and she proves it.
Look at her in the last advertising campaign for Max Factor: determined look, with perfect smokey-eyes of course, a simple but sparkly dress, and the game is done.
See the differences of her style in the years on the red carpets

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